Writing articles for seeking alpha

The higher the page views, the more money you make. Perhaps you are value oriented, growth oriented, event driven, macro driven, or statistically inclined, but whatever it is that you do - it should work. Same with the End. The sources must list the companies in the same order or you must reorder them.

Generally, I keep the same color scheme throughout an article. This is easy to do on Word: Why Write for Seeking Alpha? I will absolutely do a couple more Seeking Alpha articles in the future. How can you improve your chances of success as an SA contributor? We do not allow promotional content within articles.

That should be easy by now. I have messed up then improved my approach and engaged with readers on a regular basis and always read every single comment regardless of how excruciating some of these comments can get.

Write about a stock, sector, ETF or theme that is actionable for U. Once most of your research is in place, go back to each section like Earnings and organize it, eliminate duplication, and the like.

How do you become an SA contributor? While visual information is most useful, do not illustrate a Seeking Alpha article like a travel piece or an old issue of Life Magazine. Want to share your opinion on this article? We work to consistently select the best articles submitted for consideration.

I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Clear graphic presentation of information, however, is very helpful, and adds value. Rewrite the title into its final form. There is so much that goes into an article that gives it substance and obviously a bit more difficult than I originally imagined.

Convincing, Well-Presented and Actionable. Cut out "redundant duplication". See the example below. Tool, Graphic Illustrations A picture is worth 1, words.The average article on Seeking Alpha makes $, meaning the average article receives 3, page views.

How To Write Quickly With Quality

It’s way more then what Ebates pays. Here’s How Writing for Seeking Alpha Went Down.

So, You Want To Write For Seeking Alpha?

This is article is for the writer, it should be useful for anyone who does business writing or creates reports involving financial matters, or for that matter, writes an article for Seeking Alpha.

If you share an exclusive article on Seeking Alpha, yes! You can read more about article payments here. If the article is not exclusive to Seeking Alpha, it is not eligible for earnings.

Read more about exclusivity here.

Tools And Tips For Writing Reports And Articles, By Bob Johnson

Seeking Alpha authors are interested in efficient writing. Creating high quality articles while making effective use of research time is key to success on the p. However, I do warn that writing for Seeking Alpha isn't for the faint of heart; editorial feedback can ruin the rest of your evening, so you.

Create an account and start writing about stocks for Seeking Alpha Successfully write about and analyze stocks Guarantee your articles get accepted by the moderators, get published, and sent out as an alert to thousands of readers.

Writing articles for seeking alpha
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