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Inmates pay for pen-pal profiles. Although the site provides no Internet access of any kind to inmates, it has often been called the MySpace and Facebook for inmates [2] [3] [4] by the media.


But her personal views on such issues as the morality and effectiveness of brutal interrogation methods have remained opaque. Some of the detainees turned out be victims of mistaken identity or false accusations.

They nonetheless ordered Haspel to shut down the black site immediately, assuming that if Times reporters could learn of its existence, others would soon find out. While Trump has not write a prisoner facebook to reignite the debate over torture, he later suggested that he would seek the advice of Defense Secretary James Mattis and other senior national security officials on the subject.

Later, she held top posts in the Clandestine Service when the agency waged an extraordinary campaign to try to refute a scathing report on the program by the Senate intelligence committee.

In October, a few weeks after her 46th birthday, Rodriguez sent Haspel to Thailand to take over as chief of base.

It was not a negotiation. After he was locked into the smaller box for the first time, early in his stay at the black site, he began to talk about two of the main operations to which he would be linked in U.

We are a pen-pal website only. His profile was also removed by the site. It describes her as a passionate fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the country-music legend Johnny Cash, who stares down at visitors from a 5-foot poster on her office wall.

Many of the D. He never did provide any kind of intelligence about future attacks CTC officials were convinced he had been hiding. Get our top stories by email.

A Prisoner in Gina Haspel’s Black Site

Contact with prison pen-pals is then maintained via postal mail. At the urging of the White House, she later agreed to go forward, officials said. Once you have selected a prison pen-pal to correspond with, you have the option of sending your first message free of charge.

The guards, who were typically clad in black fatigues and balaclavas, tied him to a hospital gurney, an arrangement that turned out to be precarious. Smith received more than 6, letters in response to her profile. Naked but for his shackles and hood, Nashiri was locked into a coffin-like wooden box for hours at a time.

The destruction of the tapes prompted new congressional scrutiny of the interrogation program. CIA officers swept up suspects all over the world, in ever-greater numbers, with many undercover operations running simultaneously.

Where Tenet had worried about waning political support for the black site program, Goss wanted to ratchet up the pressure on al-Qaida. All the while, the interrogators threatened to do worse. In the late summer ofHaspel finally left the CTC. Agency colleagues cast her role in both the tapes affair and the interrogation program as evidence of her consummate loyalty — not only to her boss, but to CIA officers who served in clandestine prisons around the world.

Haspel joined Rodriguez in advocating for the destruction of the videotapes that had been recorded of Zubaydah and Nashiri inofficials said. The agency spokesman said he did not know and could not comment on whether Haspel was among them.Prison Pen-pals & So Much More! Inmates have been turning to mint-body.com since its inception in to find a pen-pal, legal aid, educational opportunities, employment upon release, counseling, housing options, and so much mint-body.com post profiles, photos, and contact information of inmates.

Orlando Barrios — A difficult mission, but necessary: my congratulations to all the good people behind Write A Prisoner. June 6, · 64 Reviews Comment 1.

mint-body.com, Edgewater, Florida. 89K likes. Please visit us at mint-body.com(). In considering legislation which would prohibit inmates from utilizing social media such as Facebook, officials in South Carolina made a point to exclude mint-body.com from the bill, citing mint-body.com's vetting process of inmates’ information and the fact that it does not provide a mechanism for Internet contact for inmates.

The Write To Prisoners Project, Los Angeles, CA. K likes. The most comprehensive prison inmate related website on the planet!/5(24). mint-body.com is the world's most trusted prison pen pal service in the USA. Our site is the perfect place to write a prisoner or find new prison pen pals who are incarcerated inmates in prisons in the United States.

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