Urinary system case study

His father had hypertension at a young age as well, and ended up on dialysis before dying from complications of kidney failure.

She also has several sensitivities to skin products, such as perfumes, deodorant soaps, and other items that contain scents; when she is exposed to such products, including detergents that are not hypoallergenic, she develops a rash on the area of contact, which can Urinary system case study from a small spot on her face to an angry red rash that covers her entire body.

Case Study: A Urinary Tract Infection

Clinical features Kidney stones cause flank pain that spreads around the abdomen as the stone migrates. It was only after he and some friends broke into a store and stole some liquor that he became involved with the court system, which ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

There was no frank haematuria.

A former college football player, he had let himself go, eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol, sitting on his chubby bottom for the majority of the last two decades, and even indulging in the frequent habit of smoking cigars.

She has never been diagnosed with asthma. Tracey showed Max an impressive array of assessment tools for quantifying and analyzing his physiological state before, during, and after his workouts.

Three weeks later he presented with frank haematuria and incontinence with lower abdominal and left-sided loin pain. These consisted of urgency and frequency associated with suprapubic pain.

Case Study - Patient with urinary symptoms

Max was scared, really scared. The patient was diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol at age 20, and has been taking medication for those conditions ever since. Lithotripsy is also readily used. I know where every bathroom is on every highway and street in the entire state.

The patient is on several oral medications: Clinically he was afebrile and his abdomen was soft with no palpable bladder.

It was recommended that she follow up with regular blood pressure screenings either at home or in a clinic, cholesterol readings and patient education regarding dietary changes and lifestyle changes that would help control those chronic conditions. The patient reports that she has only had a urinary tract infection once before, about four years ago, and it followed a bout with severe diarrhea; her doctor suggested that bacteria from her rectal area had entered the vagina, leading to the infection.

She states that she literally has to go to the bathroom every hour or two; in addition, she states that her urine has a very strong odor which is different than anything she has ever noticed. The patient also has chronic back pain following a car accident several years ago.

Regarding her gastrointestinal status, she does not experience constipation but admits to having slight abdominal pain recently, occasional diarrhea but reports no changes in her stool patterns.

There is also a strong family history of females with fibroid tumors, which the patient herself has as well. An acute pyelonephritis associated with urinary obstruction requires emergency urological review.

R reports that she is allergic to eggs, tetracycline, sulfa drugs, and the allergy drug Augmentin, each of which have caused her to develop a rash around her mouth and face, as well as a low grade fever. Patient has been using tobacco for over 10 years, has a family history that includes many smokers, has minimal alcohol and drug use.

A cystoscopy was normal and there was no evidence of further calculi in the renal tract. That process led to his diagnosis, and he has subsequently been tried on a variety of medications, including lithium, in an effort to help stabilize his mood.

At the review appointment, digital rectal examination revealed a non-tender benign prostatic enlargement. She states that she hopes that she can delay that until after she has a child or two, but given her family history, which will appear below, that may not be possible.

Now, at the age of 55, he was a master triathlon athlete who routinely placed among the top five tri-athletes of the same age group in the country.Case Study: A Urinary Tract Infection Chief Complaint: "I can't stop peeing. I know where every bathroom is on every highway and street in the entire state.

The urinary system contributes to homeostasis by altering blood composition. It is the system of production. URETHRA Urethra is a small tube leading from the internal urethral orifice in the floor of the urinary bladder to the exterior of the body.6 2.

but hydrostatic pressure and gravity also contribute. Case Study - Patient with urinary symptoms. 20 May In this case, symptoms continued after a provisional diagnosis of UTI.

By Dr Lizzie Croton.

Urinary System - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives. Study the structure of the kidneys. Blood Supply of the Kidneys: Examine how blood is supplied to the kidneys. Start studying Urinary Patterns Case Study.

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and this is a home visit interview, not a hospital case/5(6).

Urinary system case study
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