The aims of education and other essays chapter 1

With style your power is increased, for your mind is not distracted with irrelevancies, and you are more likely to attain your object. We notice that we might have plotted against the time one set of statistics for one country and another set for another country, and thus, with suitable choice of subjects, have obtained graphs which certainly exhibited mere coincidence.

The subjects pursued for the sake of a general education are special subjects specially studied; and, on the other hand, one of the ways of encouraging general mental activity is to foster a special devotion.

In scientific training, the first thing to do with an idea is to prove it. This evil path is represented by a book or a set of lectures which will practically enable the student to learn by heart all the questions likely to be asked at the next external examination.

Nothing but a special study can give any appreciation for the exact formulation of general ideas, for their relations when formulated, for their service in the comprehension of life. I would only remark that the understanding which we want is an understanding of an insistent present.

But in considering this description, I must beg you to remember what I have been insisting on above. It has been trained in the comprehension of abstract thought and in the analysis of facts.

The Aims of Education

He lectured in London for another dozen years before moving to Harvard where he also spent a little over a dozen years. Some of the simplest applications will be found in the quantities which occur in the simplest study of society.

The reason is that we are dealing with human minds, and not with dead matter. Elegant intellects which despise the theory of quantity, are but half developed.

Not all your heroism, not all your social charm, not all your wit, not all your victories on land or at sea, can move back the finger of fate. Keep the theoretical exposition short and simple, but let it be strict and rigid so far as it goes. The reason is, that the modern work is done to exact measure, the ancient work is varied according to the idiosyncrasy of the workman.

Also, of course, such examinations have their use in testing slackness. A religious education is an education which inculcates duty and reverence. Personally I am an enthusiastic adherent of graphs. No more deadly harm can be done to young minds than by depreciation of the present.

The aims of education and other essays

The curves of history are more vivid and more informing than the dry catalogues of names and dates which comprise the greater part of that arid school study.

But for all its half-truth, it embodies a radical error which bids fair to stifle the genius of the modern world. Style is always the product of specialist study, the peculiar contribution of specialism to culture. What we should aim at producing is men who possess both culture and expert knowledge in some special direction.CHAPTER 1: THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND.

INTRODUCTION Not all people are given the chance to have a quality education especially in the Philippines because it is now complicated.

The Aims Of Education And Other Essays Chapter 1 – 283116

From The Aims of Education and Other Essays, Macmillan Company,as reprinted in Education in the Age of Science, edited by Brand Blanshard, New York, Basic Books, Here is the editor’s prefatory note: In his famous essay called “The Aims of Education,” delivered as his presidential address to the Mathematical Association of England inAlfred North Whitehead addressed.

Aims of Education in the Writings of Ellen White Erling Bernhard Snorrason Andrews University Chapter I. THE BACKGROUND: A SKETCH OF THE LIFE AND TIMES OF epistemological aspects of the aims of education, how knowledge and truth relate to the.

Chapter 1 Philosophy of education Introduction Many educational theories are drawn from other disciplines, and a philosophy of education can provide a pedagogical history of ideas, theories and primary school children aims to develop critical thinking through appropriate.

Oct 12,  · Twitter Book Club: Alfred North Whitehead () The Aims of Education - Chapter 1.

The Aims of Education. This book is a collection of essays and speeches Whitehead gave over the course of twelve years. Whitehead doesn't exactly demonstrate the poetic skill of some of the other authors I have read for Twitter Book Club. Get this from a library! The aims of education and other essays.

[Alfred North Whitehead] -- Most of the chapters herein included have been delivered as lectures before various educational bodies. Their main theme is that education should be a guide to self-development rather than an attempt.

The aims of education and other essays chapter 1
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