Introduction speech any old bag

Introductory Speech “Any Old Bag Will Do”

Get Access ntroduction Speech: I chose the map to represent me because I love to move. I believe as a student, college broadens your horizons with many aspects in life and is the importance in assisting my future endeavors. My fifth object is my library card.

Lastly, life brings you many experiences that you may either have learned or gained from. I love to read books, and my favorite thing to do is just sit on the beach with a good book.

ntroduction Speech: Any Old Bag Essay Sample

Living in Japan was one of the best years of my life. My favorite hobby in the world is reading. Growing up I played Softball since I was 5, and I was even able to play in college.

My fourth object is this map of Maui. You may learn things you may like or dislike. Also, keep in mind that textbooks, notebooks, pictures, and class schedules may be very common and trite.

Dance was one of them, and played the longest role in my life. This became an enjoyable hobby due to the fact that I not only enjoyed dancing at the time but through the many years dancing kept my friends and I together from elementary school and in contact up until this day.

Through the stages of elementary school I went through sports and activities such as basketball, step, and dance. I have lived in Wailuku twice, Makawao once, and 4 houses in Kihei. Since coming to Maui 4 years ago, I have moved 7 times. First, because now Mr. The bag and each item chosen should symbolize something about your life: Know what you will say and not say about each item and the bag.

Keep in mind that your objects should be large enough to be seen from the back of the room. This not only represents my future, it represents my family. The Bag Speech The students first assignment is the Bag Speech, used to introduce themselves to their classmates and teacher.

Familiarizing yourself with it will also eliminate rambling. My third object is my wedding invitation. The items should be innovative and can be as abstract as you wish as long as you clarify for your audience how it relates to you or a significant situation. We did many plays and shows, which was exciting to me, practicing daily routines and having an adrenaline rush right before show time with a big audience in attendance.

This softball glove represents me because I love sports. When I started teaching, I was a softball coach for 3 years, and it was the thing I most looked forward to daily. I used to try and think through every decision fully and see what every single outcome was going to be, and worried about taking the leap.

I think they are larger than life, and everyone is happy when they put the sombrero on.ntroduction Speech: Any Old Bag Essay Sample.

Prepare and present a short speech ( minutes) based on the theme “Any Old Bag Will Do.” Fill any old bag with three items. Introduction Assignment: The Bag Speech The students first assignment is the Bag Speech, used to introduce themselves to their classmates and teacher.

The assignment and Miss Swanson's sample speech are below. The Brown Bag Speech Outline – 25 Total - 75 Assignment – Take “any old bag” and fill it with no less than four and no more than seven items describing you.

The bag itself should symbolize something about your life.

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The items should symbolize something about your past, present, or future, as well as likes, dislikes. Aug 25,  · I have a speech due today in school around 10 am central time. Its called "Any Old Bag" Speech. I have been busy all weekend and have not had anytime to do it.

I'm so confused on how exactly I should piece this together to make it easy to remember and not sound like an idiot.

I would normally be able to breeze through something like Status: Resolved. View Notes - Any Old Bag Outline from COMM at Clemson University. Any Old Bag Speech Outline Alyssa Turner Introduction: set the scene of me carrying a bag, its weight, its size, and then tell. Chamika Mckennon Professor Scannell Speech 8 September Introductory Speech Description-“Any Old Bag Will Do” Who is Chamika Mckennon?

I ‘am a young women of the age of 18 years old, enrolled in New York City College of Technology. I have come thus far in life with my past as a child learning new.

Introduction speech any old bag
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