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Different interaction types or media types will likely be adopted by users differently. Old-time psychologists, before the encoding revolution, probably would have assumed that fewer words could be held in memory than letters, because Interaction design essay word contains many letters.

Limit choices when possible to those which are correct, provide clear examples for data entry, present only appropriate navigation options. Allow for users to add new entries, take exceptional routes through the Interaction design essay or make choices you did not predict.

The short-term storage process of working memory can hold only about seven items at a time. GIF files for images as graphics with broad fixed color fields Code alternative, descriptive text to replace, and describe the content or function of all images: Hopefully the user can tell at a glance which information they need, and where to find it, at any point in the system.

You can consider cognition to be of two types: How information is displayed can greatly influence ease of directing attention. This concept has been discussed in connection with Palm Pilot design- and especially important if you make an interface which goes beyond the boundaries of simple platform design standards.

Memory is improved by organizing little pieces into larger wholes. This assumes, of course, that the designer has not created an annoying or over-controlling interface in the name of effectiveness.

Allowing the user to save and recall the relevant information or tasks means that once they define their customization, they can use it without having to remember how it works or go wrought the steps to recreate it.

Tuned to certain kinds of information: To determine the target user for this interface. The effectiveness of an interface often relies on the presentation of choices in a way that is clearly understandable to the user.

Design links and buttons to be distinctive, use clear language, avoiding technical Jargon, and be sure that dependent fields or choices appear together. When designing a user interface, it is critical to understand how attention can be used to direct the user in the most natural or logical fashion.

To deal with more information than that, the information must be organized into larger chunks. Georgia serifUtrecht and Veranda sans serif have been pacifically designed for Web display; Times Roman serif and Helvetica and Ariel sans serif are also common. Miller realized the profound implications of this simple insight.

Or conversely, not distract the user with information or events that hinder progress or understanding. Some people use these devices as shims to force page layout. To develop a suitable design using the knowledge attained in section 2. To demonstrate this to yourself, try holding the following sequence of numbers in memory, all at once.

Efficient to use Efficiency can be described as the speed with accuracy in which users can complete the tasks for which they use the product. Miller examined short-term memory tasks and found that typical subjects could hold about 7 chunks in memory at once.

Removing irrelevant clues for the current context also potentially avoids clutter, distractions and visual noise.

Some ways the interface design can assist the user to recognize what to do instead of remember: Providing a search feature allows the user to use whatever memory they have of the data or interaction to find the answer for themselves.

Practical Interaction Design - Essay Example

Think of it as a box or container in memory. Chucking points to the importance of organization in overcoming the limits of memory. Enjoyable to use Effectiveness is the completeness and accuracy with which users achieve specified goals.

Make it difficult to take incorrect actions. Research shows little difference in reading speed or user preference between point Times Roman, Georgia, Helvetica, or Veranda fonts Use one font for identification, directions and navigation; use another for content Do not use more than two per Web site Avoid formatting fonts color, blinking, scrolling, FACE, etc.

Provide the ability to back track, provide means to undo or reverse actions, avoid dead-end screens. We can also describe cognition in terms of the context in which it takes place, tools used, artifacts and interfaces used and people involved.

Attention allows us to focus on information that is relevant and ignore much of the rest of what our senses are inputting. For maximum accessibility, font sizes should be coded in relative sizes rather than fixed or absolute sizes.

Not all tasks require efficiency to be the first principle. Driving car, reading book, conversing, Reflective: It could be a letter, a word, or a short sentence. This can be especially valuable in interfaces which support infrequent users or those often unfamiliar with the content domain.Interaction Theory and Interactional Nature of Learning Learning is an interactional process.

It is reciprocal, which means each parties are learning interactionally at the same time. For instance, both teacher and students are learning during the learning process. (A) Human Computer Interaction Discussion 1 (Half apage) “Interaction Design That Benefits the User” Please respond to the following: · Manufactures of smartphones design products to be interactive with consumers.

This report will point out the main recommendations that are placed for the effective systems design and development. This system is developed basically for.

Human-Digital Interaction Design - Essay Example

18). HCI is a tool-rich methodological system that provides practicality to most of the established paradigms of artistic and aesthetic studies involving interaction design. Interaction Design. Assignment 1 Individual work (15 % final grade) This assignment tests Objective 1 After reading the first 5 chapters of the course text Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction published by John Wiley & Sons answer the following questions by using what was learned from reading.

To do this select one of. Within this essay i will be writing about interaction design i will cover my chosen subject in detail via the extensive research i have gathered. I will define and analyse interaction design using key examples of this design practise both historical and contemporary.

Interaction design essay
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