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Queen Marie strips Rodmilla of her title and threatens to banish her and Marguerite to the Americas, unless someone speaks for them. The Grand Dame tells the brothers that the point was that her great-great grandparents lived. While Danielle is talking to her friend Gustave, Henry rides up and asks for directions; she runs and hides.

However, Jacqueline is the only one out of her family to show Danielle any kindness. Meanwhile, Rodmilla schemes to marry Marguerite to Henry.

She then shows them a slipper and tells them the story of Danielle de Barbarac. King Francis I would have been eighteen years old and was not yet Ever after during this time; his wife was not named Marie but instead was named Claude and Eleanor.

After Da Vinci gives Henry and Danielle a paintingthe newlyweds share a kiss. This section does not cite any sources. He is caught however after he recovers and returns the Mona Lisawhich had been stolen by gypsies, to Leonardo da Vinci.

Gustave tells Henry where Danielle lives. Due to Ever after kindness to Danielle and helping her, Jacqueline is spared punishment, and moves into the palace with the royal family, and marries Laurent, the captain of the guard who she met at the ball.

When Danielle arrives at the ball and tries again to tell Henry the truth, Rodmilla exposes her identity, causing Henry to angrily reject her.

Henry finds her and proposes to her by placing the slipper on her foot.

The brothers discuss their interpretation of the Cinderella story. While the story is fictional, it involves several historical figures, places and events.

The characters of the film only share the names of royals but are not meant to be the historical figures themselves. Later, when leaving for a trip, Auguste dies of a heart attack.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. After which, Danielle is whipped as punishment. When Danielle does, Ever after burns the book out of spite and Danielle watches in anguish. King Francis tells Henry that he is throwing a masquerade ballwhere he must choose a bride or wed Gabriella.

By the time Danielle is eighteen, the estate has fallen into decline and Danielle is forced to be a servant to Rodmilla and her daughters. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Danielle bursts into tears and runs away, leaving a slipper behind. In 16th-century France, Auguste de Barbarac is a widower and the father of eight-year-old Danielle. Meanwhile, Danielle meets with Henry to tell him the truth, but he interrupts her and reveals to her that she has transformed his life and given him a sense of purpose.

Danielle runs home, changes clothes, and spends the day with Henry and they share their first kiss. Pierre makes sexual advances towards Danielle, but frees her after she threatens him with his own weapons.

Meanwhile, in order to buy back the servant Maurice using the gold Henry gave her, Danielle dresses as a noblewoman but is warned that she will be severely punished if discovered. Henry decides to wed Gabriella, but calls the wedding off after realizing that she has a lover and he still loves Danielle.

Rodmilla discovers that Danielle is the Countess whom Henry is interested in, so she lies and tells Queen Marie that Danielle is engaged.Enroll at Ever After High! Hang out with the fairest Ever After High students, the royal and rebel children of fairy tales.

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Jul 31,  · Watch video · Directed by Andy Tennant. With Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott, Patrick Godfrey. Andy Tennant directed this Cinderella variant. The Brothers Grimm arrive at the home of a wealthy Grande Dame (Jeanne Moreau) who speaks of the many legends surrounding the fable of the cinder girl before telling the 7/10(K).

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