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Fashion should be done in such manner that it does not harm your real or positive image in front of others; in fact it may enhance your personality in positive way. Fashion designers apply their new ideas of clothing, makeup and hairstyle on top Models, actors and actresses.

Also, the adoption of khadi by Mahatma Gandhi made khadi garments a rage among women. After some time this become the new trend of fashion and followed by millions of youngsters. Metros like Mumbai and Delhi witness the quick changes in fashion especially in college going crowds. Style of Fashion at different places in India: Good or Bad effects of fashion on us: Whether it was the celebrations for the end of the war or the results of 18th and 19th Amendments, society transformed from traditional values to new, enlightened customs.

Children to old age people all are now affected and influenced by new trend of fashion.

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Another practical need emerged with the growing popularity of the speakeasies. Youth generation is totally affected by this glamorous world of fashion. As women were beginning to live more freely, their style reflected the same attitude.

Sarees are woven in silk, cotton and artificial fibres. For changing your outside personality according to new trend of fashion, there are various types of looks according to fashion for young girls.

Playing outdoor sports like polo is the mark of fashion of rich people. If these new coming trends of fashion make you feel special and confident; then it also sometime embarrasses you in front of others when you do not apply things on yourself according to your individual personality.

Their dressing style, hair style, accessories, language and personality all shows that how much they are influenced by fashion. Mostly girls fashion is too much trendy and advance then any others.

Colourful turbans complete the picture. In India, fashion has become a growing industry with international events such as the India Fashion Week and annual shows by fashion designers in the major cities of India.

When we talk about girls they are two steps ahead than boys even in matter of fashion. Now the global fashion comes from these four major cities in the world.

Thus, excess of export materials were sold within the country itself, which resulted in popularity of international fashion in India. In India, main source of fashion is the entertainment and film industry of glamorous world.

For young age people, who are much affected and influenced by new fashion, it gives harmful effects too.Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Role Of Women In Politics" Role of Women in Politics Many people would attest that women are important in the social and political sphere currently, during the World War II and before the 19th century.

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