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It can be found in all ecosystems, desert, rain forests, plains and other areas. Even here, they do not lose their fearful nature. The lion lives chiefly in sandy plains or rocky places which are far away from villages and cities.

Management components are like that of cheetal as per its required ecological-conditions of the habitat. They are often dangerous. Our ecology and environment can be kept in balance by preserving wild animals.

It prefers forest areas having marshy land and tall grasses. For the purpose, the number of its prey species Essay on wild animal lion be increased through proper management. Leopard or Panther Panthera Pardus: Various types of wild animals are found in the forests of India.

We can preserve other natural resources, too. Elephants prefer hilly, undulshing terrain where bamboo is abundant. In rainy season, it descends in open grasslands. It is found in forested areas of Himalayas moving up to m height. Wild animals generally live in forests. Wildlife plays an essential role in the ecological and biological processes that are yet again significant to life.

Other basic needs of the target species should be improved in the habitat. Some animals such as deer, elephants, etc.

Wildlife conservation encompasses all human activities and efforts directed to preserve wild animal from extinction. In this connection many wild life sanctuaries and national parks have been set up in many countries.

Essay on wild Animals in Nepal. Since, it needs lot of water for bathing and drinking, there must be perenniel river, lake etc.

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He is called the King of beasts. It hibernates in the winter. Some of them are carnivorous, some are herbivorous while others are omnivorous.

Lions are found in Africa, India and Arabia. Essay on Wild Animals: An adult elephant consumes about 3 quintals green fodder daily and gallons Its water. Since it is an animal of shy nature, it prefers to live in dense forest and at high hills.

Since early times animals have been hunted in large numbers.

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They are fishes, crabs dolphins, etc. In summer, they retreat to the denser forest where food, water and cover are plentiful. The nails are white. It is widely distributed bear in India found in the forest from Himalayan foot-hills to Sri Lanka in south and Assam in east, it has black or black-brown coat with long and shaggy hair.

It is a gregarious animal and male has its territory. It is a solitary animal and generally lives in pair. It is solitary in nature having apparent territory. The animals that feed on only flesh of other animals and birds fall under the category of carnivorous. It is the largest animal in the world of family Bovidae.

Swans, ducks, crows, golden oriole, cranes, doves etc.

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Limiting- factor of the habitat should be removed. Limiting-factor should be removed and proper management, as needed for its growth, must be cared for.

It is a gregarious top carnivorous animal leading family life.The lion is a big, powerful cat that is probably the most famous member of the cat family. The lion is known for it's big, silencing roar, which puts fear in their prey's eyes.

Lions can live in cool temperatures, while also being able to live in the heat of desert areas. They don't like to live in 3/5(2).

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Mar 19,  · The animals which spend their entire life in the jungle are called wild animals. Some of them are tigers, lions, leopards, foxes, monkeys, deer, squirrels and so. My favorite animal “The Lion” by admin. The lion is a flesh eating animal. He is one of strongest and fiercest of all flesh eating animals.

The lion belong to the same species to which tiger, wolf, etc. belong. He has a majestic figure. I like both the essay and also picture of lion. Harsha. August 16, at am (UTC 0) Link. It is very unpredicted how a wild animal will behave until one study the whole environment of that animal.

The wild animals are tiger, lion, leopard, beer, elephants, monkey, rhinoceroses etc. Since early times animals have been hunted in large numbers. Essay # 1. Lion (Panthera Leo Persica): It is a gregarious top carnivorous animal leading family life.

Though, it has characteristic of territorialism but less than the tiger. Free sample essay on the Wild Animals of India for kids, school and college students. Various types of wild animals are found in the forests of India.

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Since primitive days the wild animals have close relationship with the mankind. The major wild animals of India are elephant, tiger, lion, rhino, bear etc.

They live in the dense forests.

Essay on wild animal lion
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