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Therefore, smoking should be banned in public places. It is always a good idea to present a balanced essay which presents both sides of the argument, but you must always make it very clear what your opinion is and which side of the argument you support.

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People have raised a lot of issues such as health, cost of smoking to users, increase of mortality rate; yet smokers seem to have ignored all these facts. The smokers can go to that section for a puff and at least leave the non-smokers free of pollution.

Some countries allow smokers and nonsmokers to mix without any problem, regardless of whether one is smoking in congested areas or not. This can lead to many lost days of school, hospitalizations, and in some cases, even death in children. Also, businesses can get advantages if smoking is banned in public places as more people would come into the store and patronize.

The person who smokes is active and other who are near to him and inhale the smoke are passive smokers. A Welsh newspaper, Wales on Sunday claimed that if non-smokers spent 20hours per week in a pub they would have only inhaled the equivalent of 19 cigarettes.

Should Smoking be Banned in Public Places Argumentative Essay

Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those who are nearby. Some people are addicted to smoking, and they cannot be isolated from non-smokers. Following such steps will help you write a powerful and successful essay. They also argue it is a matter of freedom of choice. But he has no right to disturb others by his smoking.

There is no right or wrong side on an issue, only a view. Second hand smoke can cause many serious illnesses and diseases. So, when smoking is injurious to health, why do people make it a habit? What are needed are the clear roots of the argument to be exposed and debated.

However, banning smoking in public places will give some justice to the non-smokers. They even added that women are more susceptible to the commonest form of lung cancer, Aden-carcinoma.

This would improve the health of thousands of people, and that is most definitely a positive development. In any case, pubs and restaurants could adapt to a ban by, for example, allowing smoking areas.

This may or may not be my personal view, and you may have another view on this topic. Sources Cited "A few facts about Smoking. This is diluted to during inhalation. Smoking should be banned in public because people are exposed to hazardous smoke in many places, a ban can lead to prevention and quitting of smoking and second hand smoke can cause many illnesses and diseases.Another point the argumentative essay should explain is whether there is any law that forbids smokers from using cigarettes in public.

In such countries, the law explains where smoking zones are located, if any, and the punishment that smokers should face if they break the law by smoking in non-smoking zones. Essay on Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned Words | 2 Pages Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned There should be.

Aug 19,  · Neither experience is pleasant, and this is why smoking should be banned in public areas. Smoking can be dangerous not only for the smoker, but also for those around the smoker. 1. Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places Essay Should Sex Offenders Be Open to the Public. they feel are vulnerable and needy, and children they feel that they can control and manipulate into keeping the abuse a secret.

Essay on Nationwide Smoking Ban: Smoking Should be Banned in All Public Places - The effects of second-hand smoke have been well-known for decades; in fact, the Surgeon General warned the public about its dangers in (Schick & Glantz, ).

However, smoking does not only affect the smoker negatively.

Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

It also affects all the people around those who smoke because when people smoke in pubic the smoke travels everywhere through the air, and the negative effects of this smoke affects all living, breathing creatures. Therefore smoking should be banned in all public places.

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Essay on smoking banned in public places
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