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Cambridge University Pross,table facing p. This advance signaled the onset of mass productionin which standardized parts could be assembled by relatively unskilled workmen into complete finished products.

It has been asserted that to put ourselves under the influence and restraints of corporate bodies, is contrary to the spirit of our institutions, and to that love of independence which we ought to cherish. Their condition was described by some of the first factory inspectors appointed inbut the evil was soon lost sight of in the general prosperity following.

Masters and men, particularly the men, simply could not be brought to believe that certain practices were dangerous or injurious to health. As a matter of fact R. The effect of the Factory Acts upon production is a question which has not been squarely faced in modern treatises.

Greg did make detailed calculations and set them forth clearly.

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A Poor Law Commission some years before had painted a very gloomy picture, and he seems to have accepted quite uncritically the charges made by opponents of the system.

He gave no support to the view that the coming of the factories had coincided with. Brownson may rail as much as he pleases against the real injustice of capitalists against operatives, and we will bid him God speed, if he will but keep truth and common sense upon his side.

No careful attempt to estimate the sufferings of children who were driven from employment by the various Factory Acts is known to the writer. And now, if Mr. It consists chiefly of individual and carefully selected instances.

This fact is a fearful one and speaks volumes. Greg, who, although a prolific essayist, never claimed this early effort, and it is indexed under "Enquiry" in the British Museum. How far there is any truth in the theory of the economy of short hours will depend entirely upon the particular process concerned; in some cases output will be reduced proportionately, in others, less than proportionately, with curtailments of the working day.

Both Thackrah and Gaskell treat this as axiomatic. There is ample confirmation of this opinion in the evidence from many sources contained in the reports issued by the Factory Commission in and Thackrah Turner," an error which is repeated in the Index.

Under any circumstances we should deprecate the too liberal use of weak tea, as extremely debilitating to the stomach; but the practice is fatal to the constitution of all hard working men…it affords a temporary relief at the expense of a subsequent reaction, which, in its turn, calls for another and stronger stimulus.

It is surprising that the relevance of his evidence has not been more widely realized. Their average weight was slightly less. Its pages bring before the reader in the vivid form of dialogue the kind of life that was led by the victims of the new system.

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The bills of mortality in these factory villages are not striking, we admit, for the poor girls when they can toil no longer go home to die. The Hammonds seek to discredit it by observing that it "discovered doctors of standing ready to swear that factory life was most wholesome for children, and that it was doubtful whether it would hurt them to work twenty-three hours out of the twenty-four.

Legal enactments often enforce the choice of an authority, which thinks it knows better. He was hardly less indignant over the schools which the children of the well-to-do were forced to attend than he was over factories.

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Factory system

Why was the domestic system replaced by the factory system? What social consequences did the factory system have? The Industrial Revolution took place roughly from the ’s to the ’s and was a period /5(1).

• Develops all aspects of the task with little depth by discussing the factory system and the printing press • Is more descriptive than analytical (factory system: prior to the factory system, Anchor Paper – Thematic Essay—Level 2 – A Anchor Level 2-A The response. The Factory System as it is known today when we refer to the onset of the industrial age of modern day England was the use of machinery for mass production (Boyson,pp.


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Factory system, system of manufacturing that began in the 18th century and is based on the concentration of industry into specialized—and often large—establishments. The system arose in the course of the Industrial Revolution.

The factory system is a system of manufacturing goods. The goods are made in a factory, a building where only manufacturing takes place.

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Essay about the factory system
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