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These stimuli were economic decay and inefficiency resultant from poor governance and failed economic reforms, which alongside the repression of the masses, dwindling public support, and lack of fulfillment Essay about autocracy promises made to the public regarding democratic reforms spurred the development of delegitimation in the government, which then provoked the various coup attempts suppressed by Toure Kalyvas ; The answer seems to be liberal autocracy as promulgated by Zakaria but manifested in a more prominent form than simply as a transitional entity.

Government Though the pervasiveness of liberalism and democracy is readily apparent throughout those states that recognize the socioeconomic benefits stimulated by these ideals, Essay about autocracy remains still a myriad of complex governing systems that seem to shirk the possibilities of this apotheosized ideology in favor of highly variable authoritarian manifestations.

Further contributing to this longevity was the correlation between the capacity for repression and regime durability, and because Guinea was able to function relatively independently of superpowers despite utilizing their aid, Conte could repress to utmost extremes without hindrance, thereby staving off potential overthrows due to the threat of persecution and thus remaining in power longer than he would otherwise probably have been able ; As Daniel Brumberg contends: Hence, Conte was able to preserve his hold on the Guinean government and extend his tenure through pseudo-democracy and extra-constitutional means.

Autocracy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Yet this is not simply a case where one ideology may be chosen based on the Essay about autocracy needs and relative cultural norms of one society versus another with the two forms existing in global harmony; rather it is the case that liberal democracy generally remains significantly more stable, incites less violence, and promotes economic progress in far greater frequencies than the various blends of autocracy.

This logic plainly begs the question: Decalo also notes that a military coup is more successful when it diverges from its military governance and becomes a civilian government, with a military leader transforming into a political leader rather quickly, which is precisely what Conte accomplished Decalo ; However, this paper is not to be cast upon the painfully mounting stack of virtually inapplicable and redundant analyses of democratic versus authoritarian institutions by withered, aloof academics far removed from current developments in international affairs.

Why Liberal Autocracy may be a Viable Option for Guinea It is clear that Guinea is struggling between the pull of democracy and autocratic seizures inhibiting democratic development. After an abundance of coup attempts, Toure strengthened his iron grip on Guinea and maintained it due to the enormous power he wielded as head of both the government and the ruling party ; It would seem then, that liberal democracy is the superior ideological foundation for successful, prosperous, and stable governance—an argument asserted quite controversially by Francis Fukuyama, qualified and advocated by Fareed Zakaria, and rooted as a central concern of this paper.

But it is the decay and breakdown of his regime and how this led to the Conte coup that is particularly relevant to the fate of Guinean politics. So how is liberal autocracy expected to develop overnight into what it is capable of Essay about autocracy decades from now?

Unfortunately, during the s, Conte continuously promised and delayed democratic and electoral reforms, stimulating great frustration and discontent within the populace and inciting yet another coup attempt against him, which he did not suppress but instead luckily appeased through complying with the demands of the coup leaders ; But, as history does repeat itself, Conte worked quickly to Essay about autocracy his power and suppress his opponents, often through violent means ; But it certainly is possible, especially with the elusiveness of definitive and successful democratic political institutions in the case of Guinea.

Similarly to Conte and Toure, Camara has yet to institute significant democratic reforms as promised which have resulted in election delay and an expected Camara candidacy once elections are in place, and it is not unreasonable to conclude that Camara may rig those elections in his favor as well with the current authoritarian trends of the military junta, for Camara rejected criticism of his potential bid for candidacy based on the grounds that it threatened the transparency and purpose of the military junta Arieff and Cook ; He did however manage to pass some beneficial reforms and make concessions to lower-ranking soldiers and civilians in order to preserve his legitimacy during the decades of his tenure, unlike his predecessor Arieff and Cook ; He pursued isolationist policies, instituted rigged elections, violently repressed his opponents, and failed to institute effective economic progress, all factors stimulating internal threats against him, which he quelled time and again through the loyalty of his military ; How then, could the Guinean people obtain a measure of social liberties in spheres unrelated to the political realms when the constant invasion by authoritarian coups seems to imply those liberties as being unattainable, but that which would stimulate capitalistic behaviors and therefore economic growth, curtail violence against the populace and armed conflict, while still allowing for the tendency towards authoritarianism in the political sector?

When democratic reforms were introduced, they were nothing more than the same pseudo-democratic elections and opposition suppression to which the people had already been exposed ; Eventually he was forced to seek aid from the United States and France due to terrible economic performance despite incredibly rich mineral resources ; In its case however, the pursuance of democratic ideology seems to be motivated by the desire to achieve economic development for in every breakdown discussed economic decay was a consistently prevailing factor.

Finally, the opportunity was clear: After 26 years of rule, Toure died suddenly in ; We will write a custom essay sample on Liberal Democracy vs. In a liberal autocracy, there would be some input in governmental affairs such as infrastructure or education, but none that would threaten the stability of the regime itself such as powers of impeachment by representatives of the people or the ability for state challengers to gain support and make demand hence opposition would still be subdued.

After seizing power, Conte did indeed strengthen the military through a hefty increase in salaries and privileges; however this was more deterrence of coups against his government than in actual military self-interest Mwakikagile ; But there is still the looming question of how liberal autocracy would not need to eventually develop into liberal democracy.

The sole difference currently between Camara, Conte, and Toure seems to be that Camara has managed to earn a considerable degree of popular support, though this may be explained more by his nascent government which has yet to do significant socioeconomic damage than with genuine favor ; This military junta established an assembly called the National Council for Democracy and Development which dissolved the superficial constitution and promised to hold elections in two years Arieff and Cook ; 9.

It was not until his death in that a coup, led by Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, was able to successfully seize power just as Conte had done to embark upon his own regime ; 1.

This longevity was to be interrupted by the sudden death of Conte inwhich stimulated the most recent coup, but this time there was a successor who was simply barred from assuming power once Captain Camara utilized his troops to usurp the capital and detain officials much as Conte had done before him.

Without democratic institutions, Guinea will remain without the aid it once garnered from superpowers Arieff and Cook ; Consolidation of control leads to legitimacy of governance and Finer argues the necessity of this to successful military coups by recognizing the necessity of establishing protection against mutinies in this period of turbulence, and especially for garnering civilian obedience in order to surpass the need to use brute force constantly, which can severely undermine the morale of the populace and therefore the support for and legitimacy of the embryonic state ; By this time, Conte had run the regime into the ground in a strikingly parallel fashion to how Toure had managed it: Through this, Zakaria establishes that liberal autocracy might be the necessary sojourn on the way to liberal democracy through gradualism.Rule by One: Autocracy essays In an autocracy, th power and authority of the government are in the hands of a single person, sometinmes referred to as an autocrat.

In ancient times, autocracy was on of the most common forms of government, and it still exists in some parts of the world. Autocrats usu. Autocracy is defined as a form of government in which supreme political power is held by one person.

The term autocrat is derived from the Greek word autokratôr, auto meaning self, and kratia meaning rule. Anarchy vs. Autocracy Essay Anarchy v. Autocracy Liberty vs. Security; both are seemingly broad terms, but due to current events, circumstances have occured resulting in an infringement on liberty because of issues regarding national security thus, creating problems for citizens and politicians alike.

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It has become common today to dismiss autocracy on the basis on the basis of it having a single minded perspective.

Liberal Democracy vs. Autocracy

A single charismatic leader, making decisions for an entire nation or community might seem lucrative, but todays post. Autocracy as defined by the Merriam Webster online dictionary is, “A government in which one person possesses unlimited power.” Opposingly, democracy as defined by Danzinger, Regime Type and its Influences on Growth.

Essay about autocracy
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