Cover meter test

Magnetic instruments for locating reinforcing steel present within in concrete work on Cover meter test principle that Cover meter test steel affects the alternating magnetic field. Some results from tests must be calibrated by chipping of concrete to confirm concrete cover and bar size.

Other cover meters display a signal strength and the centre is located by passing over the bar where the signal is strongest than shuffling the probe backwards until the peak is relocated, the ProfoScope is slid towards a bar with its approach clearly illustrated and stopped the instant the cursors align, the unit beeps and the red LED light shines.

However, detailed calibration is needed to get satisfactory results. The bars may be located within mm of the concrete mass but the method is not effective in heavily reinforced sections, sections with two or more adjacent bars or nearly adjacent layers of reinforcement. Rebar Diameter Estimation At cover depths less than 64mm the ProfoScope Cover Meter will estimate rebar size diameters with a single button press, this measurement assumes that there is no other steel within mm of the central measurement point and the bar is parallel to the ProfoScope.

Pachometer For locating reinforcement under concrete Share. This method is unaffected by all non conductive materials such as concretewood, plastics, bricks, etc. The unit can be used to find the depth from the face of the concrete to the top of reinforcing steel, to locate steel within concrete and to estimate the Cover meter test diameter.

Versatility Cover measurement, rebar location and rebar size measurement all provided by a single, fully integrated, cordless instrument.

When the device is directly over and aligned parallel to a reinforcing bar the system will display an accurate cover. On the surface of any electrically conductive material which is in the magnetic field eddy currents are produced.

They induce a magnetic field in opposite directions. The instrument is compact, light and robust suitable for use on a construction site. These meters can also be used to estimate the depth of a bar if its size is known, or estimate the bar size if the depth of cover is known.

Simplicity of use The intuitive user interface means no time is wasted trying to interpret signal values. Finally powerful setting such as neighbouring rebar correction allow it to give accurate results in situations where other covermeters would fail.

However any kind of conductive materials within the magnetic field will have an influence on the measurement. Combining the full capabilities of a conventional cover meter system in a simpler, more compact package with no loss of accuracy.

Coils in the probe are periodically charged by current pulses and thus generate a magnetic field. A number of pachometers are available that range in capability from merely indicating the presence of steel to those that may be calibrated to allow the experienced user a closer determination of depth and the size of reinforcing steel.

If the reinforcing is spaced at or less mm a correction factor can be entered to ensure an accurate cover measurement, other system will often require a separate probe head to perform the same job.

Rebars that are closer to the probe or of larger size produce a stronger magnetic field. When a hand-held search unit is moved along the concrete surface, a beep indicates that the unit is located directly above a reinforcing bar.

Application Concrete cover measurement and rebar location needs to be fast and accurate. These unique features combine to make the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process, saving time and money for contractors and providing them with the information they need to do their job fast.

Advantages of the pulse induction method: The resulting change in voltage can be utilized for the measurement. The ProfoScope is the perfect low cost option for the builder, consultant or engineer who needs a simple unit for QA and basic record keeping. Modern rebar detectors use different coil arrangements to generate several magnetic fields.

During this test, steel or other metals must not be present close to the area under examination. Inaccurate results may occur when the depth of concrete cover is equal to or close to the spacing of the reinforcing bars.

Rebar Location The previously mentioned riflescope visualisation makes finding the exact location of the steel reinforcement as simple as if the concrete were invisible. Advanced signal processing supports not only the localization of rebars but also the determination of the cover and the estimation of the bar diameter.

Micro Covermeter Micro processor controlled Covermeter Covermeter are devices that give information about concrete cover to steel reinforcement using magnetic fields. Method[ edit ] The pulse-induction method is based on electromagnetic pulse induction technology to detect rebars.

This is coupled with rebar proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids.Magnetic Rebar Locator (Covermeter) Test gives information about concrete cover to steel reinforcement using magnetic fields.

Pachometer device is used to get.


The Concrete Covermeter from Hammond Concrete: Portable, non-destructive testing of concrete. Buy or hire today! Hammond Concrete hire a variety of cover meters, some of which may also estimate bar size, log data and/or provide 2-D visual display of reinforcement layout.

Test the quality and strength of mortar joints. Concrete Covermeter. A cover meter (sometimes called a pachometer) is a nondestructive testing device for locating steel in concrete and masonry structures.

The principle of the meter is that the field of an electromagnet is affected by the presence of steel. Cover Meter Covermeter Covermeter. Product Code: 24/h. This easy to use gauge not only quickly and accurately identifies the location, orientation and depth or rebar, but also the potential for corrosion.

PER WEEK. QTY: Not a customer? Open your account here >>. A cover meter is an instrument to locate rebars and measure the exact concrete cover. Rebar detectors are less sophisticated devices that can only locate metallic objects below the surface.

Due to the cost-effective design, the pulse-induction method is one of the most commonly used solutions.

Cover meter

Method. The pulse-induction method is based on. The profoscope cover meter by PCTE is a device that locates concrete reinforcement & measures concrete cover. It is a compact handheld device.

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Cover meter test
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