Could the american revolution have been avoided essay

When the Second Continental Congress met, the delegates sent the Olive Branch Petition to George Ill requesting a compromise and declared their loyalty to the crown even though the King did not agree.

After the war, Inthe British were starting to feel the damage that followed the war. Since everything was being taxed at high prices in the colonies, the tables were bound to turn. The parliament responded to resistance towards the taxes by repealing the Stamp Act and passing the Declaratory Act.

If they were to stay under British control, this could not happen. Finally, we had Adams, who demanded absolute Independence from Great Britain, and Jefferson, who will be remembered for It.

On March 5,a crowd of 60 towns people surrounded British sentries guarding the customs house. First, the rebellion of the thirteen colonies was somewhat of an anomaly. Benjamin Franklin reposed the Albany Plan of Union at the Albany Congress in which was an early attempt to unite the colonies and form an army to fight the French and Indian war.

Despite major efforts by the thirteen colonies to persuade people living in Canada to join their rebellion, most Canadians rebuffed those overtures and, in the wake of attempts by the colonies and the United States to invade Canada, became more closely attached to Britain.

Accused colonists would be tried in England, American homes were forced to host British troops, and the Boston Harbor was closed. This revolution actually began in the colonists minds long before the first shot was fired.

Many colonies agreed not to import any British goods until the Stamp Act was repealed. Jefferson reference to the commitment of colonists to the crown was struck; also deleted was a part that censured the monarchy for slavery upon America. Inwith the issue of the Tea Act, the East India Company was granted a virtual monopoly on the importation of tea.

Some wanted to separate, while others wanted resolution with England. They resolved to force stamp agents to resign from their posts. The New York Legislature was also suspended. In order to raise money to pay off these costly debts, Parliament began to pass a series of taxes, acts, and other laws which caused a massive uproar from the colonists who were forced to pay and tolerate them.

They had two powerful people fighting for the Independence for the colonies. This angered the businessmen involved in importing the teas leading them to dump boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor later known as Boston Tea Party. If the British parliament responded to the concerns, grievances and proposals of the colonists, things would have turned out differently.

If the money-hungry Parliament members had noticed that they had neglected them for so long; peaceful negotiations would have been possible.

This English theory shows when in the British for the first time imposed a series of taxes designed specifically to raise revenue from the colonies.

By this time, their patience was growing thin and the power that the king had was being abused.In history, there are certain things that we study and come to learn that they could have, in no way, been avoided.

However, after reading Ellis's essay, The Collaborators, we can come to assume that this same idea is present toward the American Revolution.4/4(1). Could the American Revolutionary war have been avoided?

Could the American Revolution Been Avoided?

The American Revolutionary war is a war that changed the American history because America was able to gain freedom from England.

> Could the American Revolutionary War Have Been Avoided? Need essay sample on Could the American Revolutionary War Have specifically for you for only $/page. order now. How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution Essay ; Benjamin Franklin Revolutionary War. Nov 13,  · Could have the American Revolution been avoided?

i would like 2 or 3 reasons why you think that the American Revolution could have or have not been prevented Update: i'm talking about the one in not the Resolved. Could the American Revolution Been Avoided?

Another reason that the American Revolution couldn’t have been avoided; because the colonists had already learned to fight, were tired of British rule, and wanted to be self sufficient.

Was The Us Civil War Inevitable History Essay. Print Reference one of the fundamental questions that is always asked is whether the war was inevitable or if it could have been avoided; the US Civil War no different. However not all countries had a revolution during the nineteenth century and thus it by no means makes an "American social.

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Could the american revolution have been avoided essay
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