Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration

The Rise of New Technologies Technology will have a significant impact on how governments interact with their citizenry and develop appropriate legislation to meet demand.

Significant Issues Within Public Administration

With the ever growing populations of our world, governments must modernize their policies to avoid prejudice and implicit bias.

By Andrew Vaz October Corruption in Government As legislators who commit fraud or governments who alienate citizens find ways to continue their illicit activities, public administrators must develop newer countermeasures that ensure accountability.

The limitations of budget have always been a problem, but today they loom large on the public administration landscape.

Citizen involvement helps ensure that public managers do their best to make decisions in the best interest of their constituents. Would there have been a leak if the NSA had not contracted this work to a private entity? They use public meetings to create discussions, can even delegate research and policy recommendations to a local body that is close to the issue, and then meet to make a decision based upon the recommendations of that body.

What are some issues and dilemmas of contemporary public administration?

Andrew R Vaz, M. Racial Discrimination A persistent problem, discrimination based on race does occur. Those days are gone forever, and everything an administrator does is subject to public scrutiny. Raises are limited to whatever pay scale is mandated and bonuses are rarely possible.

It is time for public administrators to come together and analyze the fundamental problems within the field with the mindset that old practices will not work going forward. The question is whether it will specifically address all significant issues.

It is dedicated to advancing the art, science, teaching and practice of public and non-profit administration. Conclusion In order to be effective administrators in the 21st century, public administrators must observe past mistakes and develop new, innovative approaches to significant issues in the public policy arena.

The best example of this is the tax policies of the United States, where the wealthiest Americans pay the same tax rate as the middle and the lower class. Historically, even public administrators had the latitude to operate to some degree behind closed doors.

Delegating public responsibility to private entities creates myriad difficulties for government. Requiring fewer people to do more work is particularly tricky because public administrators have few ways of rewarding people for harder work.

One such reform is the disclosure of budget information, which prevents waste and misappropriation of resources. This includes law enforcement.

Contracting is another recent trend, paying a private entity to perform government functions. For example, Transparency International Sri Lanka promotes transparent and participatory budgeting by training local communities to comment on the proposed budgets of their local government.

The workforce tends to be disgruntled because there are so few rewards. The increased power and accessibility of technology is at the core of most massive perceptual and lifestyle changes in the past decade. How well is this information being safeguarded by a private entity?

Instead of talking down to citizens, we should be listening to the public.

What Are The Problems Facing Nigeria Today?

Another instance is the present NSA delegation of national security tasks to a private firm. Because all public administration is funded by taxpayers, what resources are available to public administrators is a function of which way the pendulum is swinging, in a trend towards big government Presently, there is a trend towards austerity, i.Development in Nigeria: Issues and Concerns ** Achimugu, Hassan development is the principal pursuit as well as the public identity of contemporary public governance (Ajayi, ).

pathology of Nigeria public administration with the views of proffering solutions to.

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THEORIES OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ESSAYS Lamidi, Kazeem Oyedele Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria ABSTRACT This paper provides an omnibus of theories of public administration. It analyses the series of contemporary and new terms in public administration so as to gain an in-depth.

University of Nigeria Nsukka UNN Staff profile Contemporary Issues in Nigerian Public Administration: Foundations. Oct 11,  · As populations continue to increase globally, issues within public administration will likely develop and persist enough to create discussion.

The question is whether it will specifically address all significant issues. Implementing government policy in a world of increasing demand and finite resources will pose a problem for governments to deal with in the coming decades/5(8). It is widely acknowledge that the public service since the country independence has failed to realize the purpose for which it established.

While its size, role, and consumption of the national budget, and activities have grown over to make the public sector the largest employer in the formal sector.

View Notes - CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN NIGERIA from POL Pol at Cardiff University. CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN NIGERIA'S DEVELOPMENT By `Lanre Adeyemi Dept. of Political Science and Public Administration.

Contemporary issues in nigeria public administration
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