Compare and cotrast digestive system

The preganglionic neurons that arise from the sacral region of the spinal cord exit the CNS and join together to form the pelvic nerves. It regulates the entry and exit of materials. The circulating catecholamines, epinephrine and norepinephrine, are inactivated by catechol-O-methyltransferase COMT in the liver.

Small intestine take a major proportion of the food you eat and break it down with enzymes. The small intestine is where the nutrients are absorbed from the food.

Other cranial nerves also contribute sensory input to the hypothalamus and the brainstem.

Difference Between Compare and Contrast

Why or why not? Whether this results in an excitatory or an inhibitory response depends upon the specific cell type. The concurrent stimulation of many organs and tissues in the body is referred to as a mass sympathetic discharge.

A urinalysis revealed the presence of catecholamines and their metabolites, including vanillylmandelic acid VMA. Each of these glands perform very specific roles in the human body. Most sympathetic postganglionic fibers release norepinephrine.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Halloween morning, we arose at 4: Table 1 Open in a separate window Each system is dominant under certain conditions.

Another approach is to increase the concentration and, therefore, activity of endogenously produced acetylcholine in the neuroeffector junction.

The digestive process begins in the mouth. This is necessary for the brain as glucose is the only nutrient molecule that it can utilize to form metabolic energy.

Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System

As a result of this change in baroreceptor stimulation and sensory input to the brainstem, ANS activity to the heart and blood vessels is adjusted to increase heart rate and vascular resistance so that blood pressure increases to its normal value.

What is the function of the cell wall and cell membrane? Soft mucous tissue lines the inside of the small intestine, which is divided into the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. A cell membrane or plasma membrane is present in a plant cell and an animal cell.

Normally, parasympathetic stimulation of the smooth muscle in each of these organ systems causes contraction to maintain gastrointestinal motility as well as urination.

As a result, the catecholamines have a much wider breadth of activity compared to norepinephrine released from sympathetic nerves. This divergence of the preganglionic neuron results in coordinated sympathetic stimulation to tissues throughout the body.

The duration of activity of the catecholamines is significantly longer than that of neuronally released norepinephrine. These drugs have many important uses including the treatment of gastrointestinal and urinary tract disorders that involve depressed smooth muscle activity without obstruction.

Norepinephrine may then be metabolized intraneuronally by monoamine oxidase MAO. The preganglionic neuron may also travel more rostrally or caudally upward or downward in the ganglion chain to synapse with postganglionic neurons in ganglia at other levels.

In this way, a given neurotransmitter may stimulate the same type of receptor on 2 different types of tissue and cause 2 different responses due to the presence of different biochemical pathways within each tissue.

Mitochondria Known as the powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria are kind of like the digestive system, taking in nutrients and breaking them down to give the cell energy. In multi-cellular organism, it is responsible for its morphology.Feb 14,  · • Categorized under Language,Words | Difference Between Compare and Contrast compare vs contrast Compare and contrast are words that are often used to talk about the similarities and differences between two things or objects/5(6).

Compare and contrast cell wall and cell membrane? Compare the functions of the cell wall and the cell membrane? Digestive System; Endocrine System. Compare and Contrast: Chloroplasts and Mitochondria. Updated on November 8, red_roses.

Compare and Contrast: Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

more. Contact Author. Known as the powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria are kind of like the digestive system, taking in nutrients and breaking them down to give the cell energy. Mitochondria help take energy from sugar or glucose and convert it.

Difference between Nervous System and Endocrine System. The human body is an endless network of muscles, bones, organs and is overall constantly striving to make sure that the body performs at the optimal functioning capacity.

May 31,  · Compare body systems of frog and human? compare internal anatomy of a frog with that of a human. compare and contrast the digestive, circulatory, excretory, reproductive, and respiratory systems between a human and Resolved. Aug 15,  · Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Laurie Kelly McCorry, PhD Author My heart rate was comparatively slower and my digestive system was processing the cream and sugar in my coffee.

These are some of the effects of parasympathetic nervous activity. Compare and contrast the anatomical features of the sympathetic and.

Compare and cotrast digestive system
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