Child protective services pros and cons

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Already cases are making their way through the courts who are ruling against CPS agencies but these are few and far in-between. The case remains open. Oh, and one other thing, we as parents need to pressure schools to stop hiding their tactics of alienating parents and children.

pro's and con's on Child Protective Services

He can not hold a job or a relationship. As a result I was unable to learn proper parenting till later in life and i have had ptsd from the abuse that was inflicted in one home. Clinical social workers also need to obtain their licenses according to the state in which they plan to work.

With the unchecked accountability that CPS has awarded itself, I foresee the future as even more bleak then it is today - most certainly so if we collectively stand by and allow it to continue. The teacher then sent the child to her school counselor to report the incident.

In studying up on this issue, I came across several ridiculous stories of supposed child abuse but I decided to list here the two that most affected me. In order to make a real change, however, we need to do more.

This is greater than the average for all jobs. He is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Since you cannot control how your client behaves, you must give them the tools and resources they need, and move on to the next person who needs your help. Agents are, therefore, encouraged to remove children to help generate more funding for the agency.

Child Protective Services Employee Reviews

No one even heard of it or, at the very least, no one certainly knew of anyone who was abused or who was being abused and no one considered themselves as being abused. Just a few months after this video was made, Senator Schaefer and her husband were murdered.

Potential Salary The wages for social workers vary, making some positions more attractive than others when it comes to a paycheck. And, finally, we need to outline consequences to be inflicted upon those who make false allegations and agents who abuse their role.

Clearly it does and the most egregious cases of abuse have made the headline news. CPS is a corrupt agency. Before such classification is made, the allegation must be proven to be accurate without question. Mental health and substance abuse social work is expected to grow by 19 percent due to more people seeking treatment for mental illness and addiction.Should the Child Protective Services have authority on how parents discipline their children?

First, here are the definitions of Discipline and Abuse according to Discipline: punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.

Abuse: to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way.

Bewertungen für Child Protective Services bei Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Pros. largest child welfare agency in the country. Cons. Former Employee - Child Protective Specialist in New York, NY.

Former Employee Glassdoor has 88 NYC Administration for Children's Services reviews submitted anonymously by NYC Administration for Children's Services employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor /5(88). Child Protective Services (CPS) in the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) employs specialists who recruit, train, and monitor foster and adoptive parents and complete adoptions.

CPS also contracts with private providers for these services. Some argue that the state should maintain this public-private system. Interoperability: Child Abuse and Child Protective Services Essay; Interoperability: Child Abuse and Child Protective Services Essay.

Words May 2nd, 3 Pages. Interoperability Child Protective Services Pros and Cons Words | 10 Pages. Nov 19,  · What do you believe are the pros and cons of child protective services?

The cons are that many foster homes are more abusive than the actual home the kids just left. The kids get taken away, but eventually returned back to the very people who abused them in the first place.

Most people working for children's services Status: Resolved. Jun 12,  · The negative aspects encompassing CPS are similar to those of capital punishment yet another moral issue to which I, admittingly, am a proponent.

Of course, there are arguments for pros and cons in both of these systems but the majority of people feel ill-equipped in finding any real solutions.

Child protective services pros and cons
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