An analysis of the positive opportunites that came from the voyage of christopher columbus

Penny Columbus was born in Genoa inand lived there untilwhen he was Publications and web sites devoted to Columbus exist in bewildering variety.

Even before marrying a Portuguese wife init can be assumed that he learned to speak Portuguese; after his marriage, it is a near certainty. This is certainly claimed by Milani. But the reality all too often rebelled. In suppressing the Indian name, Columbus has erased the site of his greatest triumph.

Simply talking about gold often enough helps to create a strong impression of substance, or holds out the strong likelihood of substance. As we might expect, the errors are those commonly committed by foreign learners of Spanish: He was very resourceful, and he devised a number of strategies for coping with the mismatch between reality and expectation.

All the evidence pointed to a transatlantic voyage from the Canaries to Japan of around 2, miles. They were, it seems, nothing, a tabula rasa on which the Catholic faith and European civilisation had still to be inscribed.

What Is the Impact of the Exploration of Christopher Columbus?

The original has not been seen sincethe year in which the Queen died. For that reason, the more detailed statements of objectives which appear in the passport and the Journal appear to take priority.

Clearly, if we take each of these documents at face value and assume that Columbus was trying to do all of those things, we get a mishmash of strategic objectives - scientific, economic, diplomatic and religious - which is so diffuse as to guarantee disaster.

We can only assume that the copy from which Las Casas worked was reasonably faithful, although he was himself aware of inaccuracies and mistranscriptions. One can appreciate why he might want to refer back to common experience with the absent addressee in mind, and why on the outward voyage especially, he might want to give a strong sense of predictability almost, of a sense that everything is just as he expected.

But if one is prepared for both the expected and the unexpected there will come a point in the voyage when the commander will have to decide: The access which Las Casas had to the Journal was evidently restricted.

In a sense he was the victim of a cruel coincidence, but he was also unduly fixated by the written authority of charts and books, and for that he must take some of the blame.

Christian sentiments like these led Vitoria to the elaboration of the beginnings of that system of global law that has borne fruit today.

Columbus focused the attention and capital of European governments and investors on America, which led them to establish colonies throughout the region over the next century.

Marco Polo gives way to Herodotus. Columbus Expeditions, America was not discovered by Columbus. The Spanish monarchs were delighted, and had such high hopes of finding riches that they instructed Columbus to go right back.

He writes at the top of the first page: As for Columbus himself, there are many reasons why the ways in which he describes places, events and impressions tend to be stereotyped.

It had to be, for in aiming to reach a known destination by an unknown route, the very success of the enterprise depended on reducing unknown factors to a minimum.

By commonly accepted Christian principles, only rational incapacity, not as is often assumed the mere assertion of European cultural superiority, could justify Spanish control of natives, and even then only for the good of the Indians.

There are some instances where these two outside influences Genoese and Portuguese can be expected to conspire; that is, there are features of development which are common to Genoese and Portuguese which are not shared by Spanish.

As the extent of the newly-discovered territories grew ever greater, there sprang up alongside the conquistadores a shadowy army of clerks and secretaries, recording the events for posterity and maintaining a discreet surveillance in the process.

During the homeward journey, on Thursday 14 February, he records how, at the height of a terrible storm, fearing that if he were to perish Their Majesties would have no news of his voyage, he took a piece of parchment and wrote on it everything he could about everything he had found, beseeching whomsoever might find it to take it to the Monarchs.

If Las Casas were not summarizing fairly closely, he would have undoubtedly spared himself the effort of writing out the same thing several times.

By the time he reached the Spanish court in early April, this letter had been printed and was circulating throughout Europe. Norwegian settlers preceded his arrival in America by some five hundred years see AJ to AJ and ample evidence suggests that European fishermen had touched its coasts briefly in the decades before his first voyage.

What Are Some Positives and Negatives of Columbus' Voyages?

The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, In addition, diseases brought by Europeans raged throughout the New World where people had no resistance, killing tremendous numbers of natives. The fleet approached the islands of Dominica and Martinique on November 3,and explored Antigua, St.

They turned to Africa, and took millions of people from that continent to work as slaves in the New World. Europeans were also exposed to such things as corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and chocolate, all of which changed their eating habits.Related Questions. How was Christopher Columbus's first voyage helpful to Spain?

1 educator answer Why did Spain, and not Italy, fund Christopher Columbus's voyage? Christopher Columbus Essay. Biography on Christopher Columbus. Words | 3 Pages American History I Christopher Columbus' Voyage to North America Spanish exploration first began with a series of revolutions.

First, the Commercial Revolution generated economic stability. Christopher Columbus and His Legacy: Positive vs. Introduction to Christopher Columbus, Journal of the first voyage B.W.

Ife. Document Contents: Preface: Introduction: However he came by it, he was evidently not able to take it away with him or to keep it over a period of time. The `Diario' of Christopher Columbus's First Voyage to AmericaNorman and London. Christopher Columbus () was born in Genoa, Italy, and grew up among- merchants who traded throughout the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coasts of Africa and Europe.

Working as a young man for Genoese importers in Lisbon, Columbus traveled as far afield as Iceland in the north, Ghana in the south, and the Azores in the. Apr 10,  · Christopher Columbus begins his journal by recounting current events that have been taking place in Spain.

“The Journal of Christopher Columbus” Summary and Analysis + “On the Destruction of the Indies” by Bartoleme de Las Casas I don’t believe that Christopher Columbus’ first voyage is a good example of the.

Positive Opportunities Essay Examples. 2 total results. An Analysis of the Positive Opportunites That Came from the Voyage of Christopher Columbus.

words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Exceptional Education Through Self-Determination and the Creation of the Positive Opportunities.

An analysis of the positive opportunites that came from the voyage of christopher columbus
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