An agreement with james loewens arguments in lies my teacher told me

This site was created by Matt Cheney and is copyrighted by James W. I must say that it is the most informative and valuable book that I have read in furthering my education.

Is the story internally consistent? However, Loewen should re-work his presentation and take bias out of it. You will be glad you read this book and want to buy copies for all of your friends.

While Columbus is often portrayed as a great hero, the truth about Columbus is, of course, much more complicated. And they always rate LIES as the best book and favorite assignment in the course, no matter what other books or papers I assign. Literally every paragraph drops my jaw yet again. Thank you for your work.

Indeed, I found his complete disregard for cogency incredibly remarkable and I found myself offering a lively critique of my own while he delivered his keynote remarks. The general trend in history, Loewen says, is overwhelmingly positive. I wanted to be educated and realized I was going to have to do it myself.

Your book has the power of an idea that is present in every single word.

Lies My Teacher Told Me By James Loewen

Loewen blames textbooks, publishers, and instructors for students knowing too little accurate information, too much inaccurate information, and not caring about any information.

I usually borrow from the library. God forbid you expressed a dissenting opinion, or generated a valid counterpoint on a controversial topic.


A landmark book -- a must read, not only for teachers of history and those who write it, but for any thinking individual. Who is to blame? They want whatever will sell textbooks. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have changed my life.

Each person in the class had a question or a topic we had to present to the class. I pass word of your book to any thinking person I know whenever conversation goes to certain subjects, which is almost everything, in the everyday life in America.

When my son was born. Unfortunately it takes many readings before I can begin to wipe out the mess I was fed as a child.

Your book really touched me. Columbus, Thanksgiving, slavery, Lincoln, and the Vietnam War to name a few. Each textbook chapter covered by Loewen leads high school students closer to the present, which should be more detailed and interesting, since we have more information on the recent past than on our founding fathers.

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

Libresco, high school social studies teacher and university professor of social studies methods. Then the atrocities of the early American, White colonists.

In chapter two Loewen argues that teacher expectations play a role in student performance, and knowing this can help teachers to close achievement gaps among students.

Lies My Teacher Told Me - Chapter 6, Summary & Analysis

I found your book to be very fascinating.Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen. The Answer Loewen's answer says it all.

Thesis statement to

"The authors’ omissions and errors can hardly be accidental. The producers of the filmstrips, movies, and other educational materials on Helen Keller surely know she was a socialist; no one can read Keller’s writings without becoming aware of her political and.

James William Loewen (born February 6, ) is an American sociologist, historian, and author, best known for his book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, which was republished inand again in "The excellent Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen [c]ontains nothing about U.S.

History you can't get in bits and pieces elsewhere, but here it is all in one place and the book is as entertaining to read as it is educational and scrupulously factual." -- Dave. The book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen contains both of these criteria and as such is a successful nonfiction book.

Loewen’s purpose in writing Lies My Teacher Told Me is to correct the inaccuracies in textbooks and to help students learn the truth about history.

James W. Loewen

Mar 15,  · LIES JAMES LOEWEN TOLD ME. March 15, tags: USA Today hailed his work Lies My Teacher Told Me (the FYS “common book”) Also,the lack of research to counter Loewen’s arguments precisely proves his point, which unfortunately negates, null and voids your article.

Criticism is very simple to do but it requires work. Mar 08,  · Lies my Teacher Told Me. Everything your American History Teacher got Wrong. by James W. Loewen While this entry covers much of the same material that is presented in the book, it .

An agreement with james loewens arguments in lies my teacher told me
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