A personal concept for the production of eclipsed a play by danai gurira

For more information, please visit the website of Theatre Communications Group. Rita, who works for a peace organization, makes occasional visits at the compound to end conflict. She also spoke to female peace activists who were instrumental in ending the violence.

Danai Gurira

Beyond the in-theater efforts, Gurira has also launched Love Our Girlsa website that makes larger issues relating to education, physical and sexual abuse, health, and poverty more personal by introducing visitors to individuals like Faith, a Nigerian sex trafficking survivor in need of a kidney transplant, and Mary, a Kenyan woman who learned she was HIV-positive during her first pregnancy.

She is developing a play about the current situation in Zimbabwe with the Royal Court in London and completing another Zimbabwean piece entitled The Convert. The actress and storyteller is creating awareness of the injustices girls and women face around the world through Love Our Girls. Innocent women are grabbed from their homes and forced into bondage.

Wife 2 Diatra Langford escaped and joined the rebels. Click the cookie to contribute to the discussion. Development and productions[ edit ] Eclipsed was penned by Zimbabwean American actress and playwright Danai Gurira.

Props also to Amani Mckenzie for costumes that felt authentic as well. Since the women are all trapped in the compound, with little contact with the outside world, they hardly know about the world outside.

Tickets sold at 6: They have a beat-up radio that they use to find music, to dance, and to get sporadic news. Eclipsed began previews on February 23, with an official opening on March 6, Wife 3 Daphne Trevathan is great with child.

How was America involved with the formation of the country? Synopsis[ edit ] Eclipsed takes place in the country of Liberia in at a bullet-ridden one room shack, which serves as an army camp for the rebel group called Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy LURDwhich aimed to depose Charles Taylorthe then president of Liberia.

Wife 1 Zora Umeadi is the oldest and was captured many years ago. Internationally she has performed in Diggydotcom 2. Gurira interviewed more than 30 women—who had been raped, among whose daughters that had been taken by rebel fighters and turned into sex slaves.

Drawing on reserves of wit and compassion, these defiant survivors ask: Some become the wives of the commander — chattel, really, called Wife 2, or Wife 3, with no ability to leave the rebel compound in which they are held.

Woolly is proud to launch this sharp-edged, surprisingly humorous, and emotionally powerful new play -- which makes a universal statement about the impact of war and the resilience of individuals who forge a vision of the future in the face of the cruelest circumstances.

Lines begin forming between Uzo would like to thank God, her family, and friends for their support. The Girl now seems to resign herself to her new life in the compound with limited options to choose from—stay with an abusive C. With Eclipsed, Danai steps onto a bigger canvas, painting a vivid portrait of five young Liberian women whose lives are enmeshed in civil war.

Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2pm and 7pm no 2pm performance Sept. Ripped from their families, or captured and held prisoner by commanders of warring factions, Liberian women are raped, tortured, or killed by rival groups vying to take control of the government. Louis Black Repertory Company.

She has a B. We felt slightly embarrassed that even in their terrible circumstances, in the midst of decades of civil strife, they knew something about America.

She has written for outlets including Emmy, Variety, VanityFair. Prices Previews, 1st week: Soon, Maima returns from the battlefield, where she was fighting as a soldier. They find a book and the youngest reads to the others to pass the time.

When Wife 2 comes to visit, all tough and with an Uzi slung confidently over her shoulder, we realize that her life is different. She has some power and control, and she hopes to recruit Wife 4 to come with her.

Performances typically sell out. What about the children?Actress-playwright Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead) made history with her play Eclipsed, the first production to premiere on Broadway starring an all-black female creative team and cast. Now, the Obie-winning drama comes to Atlanta's Synchronicity Theatre/5(54).

“The wonder of Danai Gurira's new play is that Eclipsed is neither depressingly bleak nor oppressively sober. This World Premiere production of Eclipsed has been honored with a Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Award. Show Art Concept & Design: Carolyn Sewell Design.

Home | About Woolly. “Eclipsed” Playwright And “The Walking Dead” Star Danai Gurira On Fusing Art And Activism The actress and storyteller is creating awareness of the injustices girls and women face around the world through Love Our Girls.

While the experience of Gurira’s characters might be unique, it’s the reliability of those characters that gives the work so much of its strength. “The idea of calling it Eclipsed was about saying there is great light in these breathing, vivid characters who have personality and flavor,” Gurira says.

Eclipsed is a play written by Danai Gurira. It takes place in and tells the story of five Liberian women and their tale of survival near the end of the Second Liberian Civil War.

It became the first play with an all-black and female creative cast and team to. Danai Gurira is a playwright and actor.

War Stories

Her plays include Eclipsed, which received premiere productions at the Wooly Mammoth, Center Theater Group and Yale Repertory mint-body.com recently won Best New play at the Helen Hayes Awards as well as Danai winning Best Playwright at the NAACP Theater Awards in August

A personal concept for the production of eclipsed a play by danai gurira
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